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  1. Introducing Vector Networks. Выглядит круто, вот бы такое в Иллюстратор.
  2. A Conversation With Erik Spiekermann. Классное интервью. Сначала думал, будет скучно. Про будущее электронных книг: «There’s a tendency for human beings to interface with things that are pleasant to us. It’s taken 600 years, from Gutenberg to now, for the book to achieve the shape that seems to be optimal for our eyes and hands. Everything that is electronic will achieve the same standard». Про Эпл: «It’s ignorance, because these are engineering companies. Essentially, so is Apple. Jony is a mate of mine, and he is a good designer, but he is more of an engineer. He is surrounded by these kids in their twenties, and they go for whatever is trendy. For some reason there is nobody in management to tell these guys to go to us for some advice».
  3. Why do Chinese websites look so busy?
  4. Answers to your questions about Apple and security. Эпл объясняет, почему хочет послать ФБР подальше.
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