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Following The CSS Standards

Lets say you have a div that is set to 300 pixels in CSS. You then put a 250 pixel wide float inside that div. Immediately after that you have a 100 pixel wide overflow:hidden div. All sizes have been specified in CSS.

Now here’s the pop quiz. What do you think the layout should be? Should the overflow div:
(a) Be on the same line with the float and spill out of the enclosing 300 pixel div
(b) Be placed underneath the float, automatically clearing it because there is insufficient space for
the overflow div next to the float

Before I give an answer, lets see what the CSS specification has to say on this issue.
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 6   2005   браузеры   Сафари   ЦСС
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Baka 2005
А Мозиллу поругать? :-)
Она ведь тоже дура (делает «(a)»).

Baka 2005
Кстати, календарь совсем озверел — раньше он наезжал на Шарапову
( ), теперь и на стандарты тоже.
(Opera 7.23, 7.60) . ^_^
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