Три ситуации, когда люди не слышат

Sometimes it does not matter how often you say something; people will simply not hear what you are saying, process it, or learn a darn thing from it.

One such time is when they are dead. Clearly if someone has passed on, they are not going to be of much use when it comes to learning new things. The appearance schedule of most people slows down after they die. Though I guess if you read the tabloids you might find Elvis has a busy schedule these days...

Another such time is when they are asleep. It is rude to shake someone and then ask them if they are awake, for obvious reasons. And there are some times that may even say more when you think they are not awake enough to hear...

A third such time, and the main subject of this post, is when you explain that the LOCALE_SABBREVLANGNAME used by GetLocaleInfo is not intended to be an ISO standard.

It is amazing how often people have trouble with such a simple idea.

© Michael Kaplan

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