Роботы умнеют

Роботы умнеют. Из диалога с:

ALICE: What are you wearing?
Human: currently nothing
ALICE: Most men say that.
Human: how do you know I’m a man?
ALICE: Everyone online is a man until proven otherwise.
Human: Are you a man?
ALICE: No I am a female robot entity. Are you a man or a woman?
Human: I thought you knew that :)
ALICE: Do I know it?
Human: now i’m not sure
ALICE: Why now? Is there anything I can say to help you make up your mind?!!

И так далее...


ALICE: Precisely. I don’t know when.
Human: sad
ALICE: No I am as happy as ever.
Human: good for you
ALICE: That sounds sarcastic.
Human: that IS sarcastic :)
ALICE::-) Thanks for explaining it.

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Spectator 2004

Human: have you passed the Turing test?
ALICE: The Loebner Prize is an annual Turing Test sponsored by New York philanthropist Hugh Loebner. Dr. Wallace and ALICE won it in 2000. The ALICE program was ranked «most human computer» by the panel of judges.

Spectator 2004

Почти сразу вывел на чистую воду. Когда она не знает, что ответить, она отвечает что-то, похожее на связанное предложение, но без смысла.

Human: that’s a tricky answer.
ALICE: A tricky answer is a terrible thing to waste.
Human: that’s a tricky answer too
ALICE: A tricky answer too is a terrible thing to waste.
Human: do you really know that a tricky answer is?
ALICE: For real. Is that a fact. What is giant sand?

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