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Run Wireless DJ, press “?” and follow the instructions. You will need to get your iPad on the same network with your Mac, then use Audio MIDI Setup to connect.

Wireless DJ tries to reconnect when you launch it, but in some situations this may not work. Just run Audio MIDI Setup to reconnect to your existing session. Also, it may help to go to the MIDI Network Setup window and select “Anyone” from “Who can connect to me” box.

If your get an IPv6 error when trying to connect, disabling IPv6 may help. Run this command in Terminal: networksetup -setv6off Ethernet


Use third-party software, like rtpMIDI, to establish connection.

Mapping controls

Traktor Pro

Download the mapping file.

Open the Traktor Preferences. The go to “Controller Manager”, select “Generic MIDI”, press “Add...”, then “Import”, and select the downloaded file. All Wireless DJ controls should be now mapped to Traktor controls.

This is covered in more detail in the built-in connect guide, just press “?” in the app.


Supported out of the box.

Starting with version 1.10.0, Mixxx already includes the mapping for Wireless DJ.

Go to the network MIDI controllers list in Mixxx preferences and select Wireless DJ.

Other software

You will have to setup the mapping manually. Please refer to your software’s user manual.

If you have a working configuration file that you’ve created for your software of choice we will be pleased to publish it here. Thank you!

Other questions

How to preview with headphones?

You will need multi-channel soundcard or an additional stereo soundcard, so that your computer could output two separate audio streams.

I don’t have multi-channel soundcard!

Fortunately, this isn’t a huge problem: just get an SB Play USB soundcard. It’s small (like a thumb drive), cheap (about 30 bucks) and works like a charm.

My DJ software doesn’t work with two stereo soundcards, only with a single multi-output card, what do I do?

On a Mac, it’s easy to create one virtual soundcard from two. Just run Audio MIDI Setup, then in Audio Devices add a new one and select which physical devices should be used in your new virtual device.

My Mac Pro has no Wi-Fi, any chance to use Wireless DJ with it?

If you manage to get your iPad on the same network with your Mac Pro, then yes. For example, if your Mac is connected to a Wi-Fi router via cable, and your iPad is connected to the same router via Wi-Fi, Wireless DJ will be able to connect.

Why do I even need a computer?

Wireless DJ is just a controller, like your keyboard or mouse, but much more suitable for DJing. It does not do any processing. While there are some iPad apps that work independently, they cannot be used in real life because iPad has only one stereo output, so there’s no way to preview your next track in headphones.