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Дизайнер и клиент

Ссылка сворована у Кирилла Вятчина. За ссылкой — разные смешные (преимущественно в силу своей тупости) высказывания заказчиков. Например:
our web site doesn’t load if I turn javascript off ... please fix this
Client: Could you use a different font for every name, you know make it cool.
Me: Uh, that’s probably not going to look so good, it’ll be all cluttered and ugly
Client: No, it’ll look cool, so let’s do it.
after doing what they want...
Client: Now it looks all cluttered.
Me: Aarrrgghhh
Client (same, later): «Okay, send me the source files, I will do it myself, it seems really easy»
Me: «I don’t think you’ll be able to edit the...»
Client (cutting me again): «What is so complicated? I can understand all this! Let me do it, do you really think it is that complicated? It seems pretty easy to me»
After that, I simply dropped the project where it was, sent the source files to the client, and two weeks later:
Client: «I don’t understand it...»
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